Are you a lingerie woman or an Underwear woman?




Even though our clothes do not define us, they play a role in our comfort and confidence. That's why we need to have a clear idea of what we like and what we don't. In this case, we are talking about both lingerie and underwear: so similar yet so different. Let's learn a little bit more about them so you can find out which one fits your needs best. Don't worry: we got you.

First things first. Let's start by defining what both underwear and lingerie are. To tell their differences and decide between them.

Underwear is the general term for all those garments that we use to cover our intimate parts: it is the word that responds directly to its functionality. These are garments made with materials such as cotton and lycra with much more generic shapes. These are flatter garments both in their materials and in their textures, but hey, they do the job. Underwear is a garment that is perfect for everyday use and to carry out any activity. Let's take a look at some of its kinds: 

Types of underwear garments, with flatter designs and materials. 
On the other hand, lingerie bases its designs on intention. These are garments made with lace, mesh, embroidery, etc. Its materials add personality to the garment, with sexy cuts and transparencies, and also conventional lingerie such as bodysuits and simpler bralettes. Lingerie is perfect to make a statement, as it is much more complex and "free".  

Lingerie designs include strap and flora laced details, adjustable garments and use other parts or your body –such as the neck, waist and thighs– to compliment the look and fulfill it's empowering intention. 

What's happening nowadays
But, before we continue, there's something that you should know (you probably already do): Lingerie's daily use is increasing more and more. Bralettes are starting to become part of our outfits for work or a night out. It has the power of transforming a relaxed outfit into a much more sophisticated look.

So, are you a lingerie or an underwear woman?
Like we previously mentioned, it depends on what you look for in your everyday use. Are you looking for flatter, simpler designs and textures? Plain underwear is for you. Are you looking to make a statement, feel confident, and compliment your looks? Lingerie is the answer.

But there's something you should keep in mind if you consider comfort more important than looks: Lingerie is comfortable too. If you are lucky to find Colombian Lingerie, you will realize that the lace and straps are extremely comfortable and would fit you perfectly. Once you get Colombian lingerie in your hands, you'd like to wear it –your bralette or bodysuit– every day. We assure you that you will find comfort and sensuality in every garment. The best of both worlds. 

Now that you know more about these two, which one do you belong to?

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